How do you stay healthy?

This week I asked current Cal Poly students how they try to stay healthy. Here is a video with what they had to say.

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes…because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”- Steve Jobs


Blog Review

This blog was in response to a Journalism class. That class is now drawing to a close and therefore some reflection upon where SLO Skinny began and where it is now is in order.

My objectives for this blog were to entertain and hopefully inform readers. In an attempt to do this, I brought readers stories both locally from the San Luis Obispo area, as well has from my hometown of San Diego, Ca.

Halfway through the course we had our peers give us tips on what to improve upon. The tips that they stated for SLO Skinny were as follows:

  • Easy, healthy recipes will be added to the “Recipes” tab.
  • SLO Skinny will feature more local hikes with varying difficulty levels.
  • Clearer blog headlines, so that readers can better know what each article will cover.
  • More pictures will accompany each blog post.

Post peer review, I believe that I have accomplished most of what I needed to work on. The one seeming improvement I believe I didn’t accomplish was that I didn’t add more hikes or recipes at this point, however I intend to keep updating the content to meet the requirements I have set for myself.

Some of my peers have reviewed over my blog. This is what my peers had to say about SLO Skinny:

Rachael Davison

Rachael Davison, a junior at Cal Poly stated, “Your blog is fabulous. I love the layout, the simplicity, the content, and knowing how much time and effort you put in. Great job in this class/with your blog!”

Sam Gilbert has these thoughts on SLO Skinny. “Informative, I had no idea of some of the hikes that are on SLO Skinny and if I ever visit San Diego I will know where to go.”

Fearon Hosmer

Cal Poly junior Fearon Hosmer, and fellow classmate had this to say about SLO Skinny. “I like how you have clean, relevant pictures to make the stories more enticing. However, I would include subtitles to break up the paragraphs a little better.”

Overall I think that SLO Skinny has accomplished much of what it has set out to do, however as time passes the blog will hopefully continue to evolve. There are seemingly endless possibilities for what this blog can showcase and I fully intend on continuing to maintain the blog.

The Mustangs beat those Gauchos!

Sports rivalries are a part of the American institution. In San Luis Obispo there is a definite divide between southern California and northern California. As gigantic as that rivalry is, the Cal Poly men’s soccer versus the University of California Santa Barbara might be even grander.

This past Saturday Cal Poly hosted arguably the largest game of the entire season. The University of California Santa Barbara played Cal Poly in hopes of defeating them this year to redeem last year’s loss.

Some former Cal Poly men’s soccer players and alumni at the game this past Saturday.

Cal Poly and the University of California Santa Barbara were neck to neck the entire game. There were close scores; however the single score in the entire game came at the very end. The goal clenched the win for Cal Poly. Therefore the spirited Cal Poly crowd erupted, hence charging the field to celebrate.

Cal Poly showed its true school spirit by rushing the field after Cal Poly had beat the University of California Santa Barbara.

It is a Cal Poly tradition to wear white to the game in what is called, “White Out.” It is impossible to not feel the crowd’s enthusiasm and school spirit. Below is a video depicting last year’s Cal Poly victory over the University of California Santa Barbara.

Many students experienced the game differently. Various accounts are detailed in the audio segment below.Two current Cal Poly students detail their personal experience at the soccer game. Additionally, alumnus and former Cal Poly men’s soccer player, Evan details what he experienced at the game this past weekend.

The Cal Poly crowd enthusiastically rushing the field after Cal Poly won.

“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” – Mia Hamm

SLO…Let’s lay out the details


Sometimes it’s easier when you map things out. The city of San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas have so much to offer that at times it can be overwhelming to decide what to pursue. Therefore this week, I decided to share a map of a few places in SLO that are must-sees. From Thursday’s Farmer’s Market to the unique Cal Poly architecture graveyard- this map will allow you to see where to find it all!

The map below lists two popular hikes in San Luis Obispo County. First and foremost, Bishop’s Peak is the quintessential hike for anyone wanting a panoramic view of Cal Poly as well as the surrounding San Luis Obispo area. The second hike is at Montana De Oro State Park. Beach lovers, this hike is for you! Montana De Oro is located near Morro Bay, an area just a few miles north of San Luis Obispo. The area has hikes along with a plethora of other features and activities, such as pristine beaches- perfect for any tourist or student to explore! If you go to the places on this map you are sure to experience some of the treasures that might have otherwise remained obscured.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”- Mark Twain


Are we there yet?

Last week I brought readers on of my favorite hikes in San Diego, Torrey Pines. This week I thought I would share my second favorite hike.

As I stated in the previous blog post “SLOcal?” Torrey Pines is for the more intermediate hiker. The hike I want to share this week is for the more experienced hiker. Mt. Woodson is located in Ramona, Ca, a north county suburb in San Diego’s inland area.

Ramona, which is closely linked to Poway, is well known for its country living, horses, rolling inland hills and mountains. The hike is more intimidating due to its considerably steep incline. A hiker could get to the top of Mt. Woodson in around an hour, allowing for few stops and a steady pace.

The top of Mt. Woodson boasts views grander than the view from Torrey Pines. The hike shows the quintessential San Diego county. 360 degree views allow the hiker to experience all of what San Diego has to offer. The immaculate coastline’s visibility along with mountain views shows the diversity of the county and the amount that it has to offer.

After arriving at the top summit of Mt. Woodson, I would encourage any hiker to explore around. The various rock formations allow a hiker to get views from different points on top of the mount. I would however caution anyone to be careful, since the rocks are sometimes tedious to get to.

Moreover, the Mt. Woodson residential neighborhood boasts a castle and a golf course. The hike itself lends it to people wanting to feel like they escaped, but knowing that there are such things as a golf course around. For any hiker attempting this hike, bring plenty of water and a protein bar because there is nothing once a hiker begins the hike.

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”-Michael Jordan 

So a little bird told me…

The twitter universe is plus one. SLO Skinny is now on twitter! Anyone can follow my tweets via the link on the right side of this page. No one wants to be out of the loop so make sure to keep checking back to see my latest tweets, I promise it will be worth it! From foodie finds around San Luis Obispo and more to even my latest exercise tweets, you need to check out SLO Skinny’s Twitter. For now stay tuned to this blog and the twitter feed for some fantastic recipes and new workouts coming soon!Image

What’s your flavor of the week?

 Between homework, studying, and sleeping somewhere in-between the two, it can be easy to slack off on a exercise routine. A good way to stay motivated is to try new workouts. By switching up your “flavor” of exercise on a regular basis, you will not only keep motivated, you will also see physical benefits.

According to Cedric Bryant from the American Council of Exercise, ” If you do not modify your exercise routine, you reach a plateau because your body has adapted to the repetitive training stimulus.”

The benefits for switching your exercise routine are extensive and not only keep you motivated, but also keep you on track to see the results you want. The on campus Recreation Center at Cal Poly offers a plethora of classes which gives almost anyone the opportunity to find a class they will enjoy. Yogalates is a fusion between traditional Yoga and Pilates. The class is offered at the Recreation Center a few days a week at varying times. After a long week of classes and sleepless nights, Tiffany Robbins, a junior at Cal Poly decided to try the yogalates class offered on Friday mornings.

“Yogalates was an absolutely amazing experience. I was always curious to try it and when I did I fell in love. Its a refreshing way to get in shape and obtain flexibility. I would recommend Yogalates to anyone and everyone,” Robbins.

According to Jeanie Lerche Davis of WebMD, “Yoga is an eastern Indian tradition that focuses on strength, flexibility, and spirituality. Pilates was created by German-born Joseph Pilates nearly a century ago. Pilates focuses on building strength in the deep muscles of the abdominal region, the body’s core,” Davis.

The opportunities are endless once you allow yourself the opportunity to experiment with different workouts. Another class offered at Cal Poly’s Recreation Center is a class called “6 Pack Abs.” Student Ashley Rolon, a junior majoring in Psychology tried out the class this week.

“Six pack abs is a great class because it’s short and it touches upon various exercises that work your core out that I would never know how to do. Now thanks to learning these exercises, I can do them in my room as well if I don’t have time to go to the gym,” Rolon.

The wide variety of classes offered at the Recreation Center allow for people to focus on specific areas such as their abdomen, or a more cardio based class. Overall, it’s important to not limit your exercises to what your most comfortable with because you could be passing up the opportunity to get more out of your workout and use muscles you would have never known about. Therefore get out there and experiment with different classes, try to see if one clicks with you! Don’t stick with your same old “vanilla” exercise, splurge by trying something new this week!

“Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor, upon which one walks as a matter of course and prescriptive right.”- Aldous Huxley