Deviled Eggs on Celery sticks!

Here is a low cal low carb snack.

This is what your finished celery sticks will look like! Perfect for a party or just a quick snack!

What you need:

2 hard boiled eggs
4 celery stocks
1 tablespoon low fat mayonnaise
1/2 teaspoon yellow mustard
pinch of salt to taste
paprika (optional)

Once eggs have cooled, remove shells. rinse under water to make sure all egg shells have been removed. In a bowl smash eggs with a fork or a potato masher until in small chunks. Add the mayonnaise, mustard and the salt. Mix thoroughly.
Cut celery sticks into 2 inch pieces. With a spoon, stuff egg mixture in the celery stick. Arrange stuffed celery sticks on a plate. Once arranged you can sprinkle paprika on top of the celery sticks (optional). Place the plate in the refrigerator for 20 -30 minutes to allow the egg mixture to set. Remove and enjoy this low cal low carb snack! Serves 2-3 Approximately 18 pieces).


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