About Me

You may ask what’s the skinny behind “The Skinny.” My name is Alexis, I am a bight-eyed journalism major concentrating in broadcast. My hopes are huge and this blog is just another chapter in my life’s journey.

I am half Maltese, not the dog-the country. I attest my passion for food to my heritage and my family. Although I love to eat, fitness is something that is  always something I am striving to improve.

Getting fit and staying fit are two of the most challenging accomplishments at this age. Therefore, I hope that this blog with serve and some kind of motivation and encouragement. Personally, without my family and friends it would be incredibly easy to fall off track.

As a college student it is easy to fall into the “foodie” traps. We may be young, however these are the years of our lives- let’s make them count and form a solid basis of health for the rest of our lives. I hope this blog will enlighten people to new workouts and healthy recipes that are easy to make and actually taste good!

Come along and join me in discovering all of the hidden treasures we have yet to unearth, everyone could use a helping hand on their journey.

“We are what we believe we are.”- C.S. Lewis


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