Blog Review

This blog was in response to a Journalism class. That class is now drawing to a close and therefore some reflection upon where SLO Skinny began and where it is now is in order.

My objectives for this blog were to entertain and hopefully inform readers. In an attempt to do this, I brought readers stories both locally from the San Luis Obispo area, as well has from my hometown of San Diego, Ca.

Halfway through the course we had our peers give us tips on what to improve upon. The tips that they stated for SLO Skinny were as follows:

  • Easy, healthy recipes will be added to the “Recipes” tab.
  • SLO Skinny will feature more local hikes with varying difficulty levels.
  • Clearer blog headlines, so that readers can better know what each article will cover.
  • More pictures will accompany each blog post.

Post peer review, I believe that I have accomplished most of what I needed to work on. The one seeming improvement I believe I didn’t accomplish was that I didn’t add more hikes or recipes at this point, however I intend to keep updating the content to meet the requirements I have set for myself.

Some of my peers have reviewed over my blog. This is what my peers had to say about SLO Skinny:

Rachael Davison

Rachael Davison, a junior at Cal Poly stated, “Your blog is fabulous. I love the layout, the simplicity, the content, and knowing how much time and effort you put in. Great job in this class/with your blog!”

Sam Gilbert has these thoughts on SLO Skinny. “Informative, I had no idea of some of the hikes that are on SLO Skinny and if I ever visit San Diego I will know where to go.”

Fearon Hosmer

Cal Poly junior Fearon Hosmer, and fellow classmate had this to say about SLO Skinny. “I like how you have clean, relevant pictures to make the stories more enticing. However, I would include subtitles to break up the paragraphs a little better.”

Overall I think that SLO Skinny has accomplished much of what it has set out to do, however as time passes the blog will hopefully continue to evolve. There are seemingly endless possibilities for what this blog can showcase and I fully intend on continuing to maintain the blog.


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