6 Reasons SLO Skinner’s should use MyFitness Pal!

In a previous article, I introduced readers to a phenomenal app called MyFitness Pal. I decided to expand on what I had already stated to further your knowledge and hopefully show how MyFitness Pal can have a tremendous impact on your life.

After racking my brain, there are six reasons MyFitness Pal is valuable for you SLO Skinny readers.

1)    Access. It is vital when trying to lose weight that you are able to track what you are eating, therefore you need a medium which will allow you to do that anywhere. MyFitness Pal is available for the android, iPhone, iPad and all are synced and moreover available to change online.

2)    Easy. MyFitness Pal is unlike other apps in the sense that it does not require much technical familiarity to utilize it properly. A basic knowledge would suffice when using this app and should take no longer than five minutes to full grasp how to use it.

3)    Incorporating. This app does not only allow a user to track food, but moreover exercise as well. It allows you to track everything which means that it is essentially “one stop shopping.” There is no need for a supplementary app to track your exercise goals, which means you don’t have to do any tricky cross referencing to see if you met your daily goals.

4)    Free. Since the app is completely free, you will be able to cut your costs overall. The information this gives allows you to personally keep track of everything rather than hiring a dietitian and trainer to do it for you, hence cutting any costs that could have occurred.

5)    Customization. The app has users type in their gender, current weight, goal weight, height, and current exercise level. This information is the basis for which the app will subsequently tell the user the recommended calorie goal for each day to allow the user to reach their goal weight. By using specific measurements, users are more likely to get more accurate results.

6)    Extensive. The food log allows a user to type in almost any brand and gets the specific nutritional information for it. Thus leaving the guess work out of most meals. For home cook meals, a user can input information if it is not in the database.

This app takes most of the guess work out of getting healthy. A user can track specific intakes such as sugar and sodium which is advantageous for users with health concerns such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Working out and keeping track of everyday’s food intake can be tedious and tiring. This app will allow users to seemingly flawlessly input specific food and exercise to help aid in weight loss. Therefore, this app is a ten out of ten for anyone wanting to get in shape or stay in shape!

“You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.”- Ruth E. Renkl






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