SLO Skinny 2.0

Prior to the creation of SLO Skinny, the term blogger was never in my repertoire. The blog building experience has been intimidating and times overwhelming. Since this blog was first created in response to a class I am currently taking, this blog is ever evolving the more I learn.

This week, my class reviewed over SLO Skinny in an attempt to help point out some possible improvements. I am now aware of the shortcomings associated with this blog and therefore improvements are in the horizon for SLO Skinny.

For you readers, I am hopefully that you will appreciate the upcoming changes. Here’s some things you might notice differently about SLO Skinny post-critique:

  • Easy, healthy recipes will be continuously added to the “Recipes” tab.
  • SLO Skinny will feature more local hikes with varying difficulty levels.
  • Clearer blog headlines, so that readers can better know what each article will cover.
  • More pictures will accompany each blog post.

I am hopeful that this blog will evolve into a success story. I will be proactive in adding recipes I believe will entice readers. Skinnytaste is a fellow blog, which I hope to emulate with regards to the upcoming recipe posts. I will emulate Skinnytaste by posting recipes on a regular basis so that readers will have something to always look forward to.

A peer of mine has a blog which I also hope to emulate. SLOsocial‘s blog is clean, concise and informative with the happenings around San Luis Obispo. I hope to achieve the same amount of success as it by creating posts with clear, concise headings relevant to many readers.

My classmates gave positive feedback about the SLO Skinny blog. Some of the most loved aspects were:

▪   Clean layout.

▪   Easy Access.

▪   Intriguing pictures.

▪   Inspirational quotes at the end of each post.

Although there have been a few comments and likes on previous SLO Skinny posts I encourage anyone to continuously express what they like. My peers helped me realize some of the true assets SLO Skinny is currently offering.

This blog is seemingly basic, next to some of its more established counterparts. Therefore, some of the upcoming posts on SLO Skinny will offer various media elements. Video and audio aspects will accompany some of my future articles in an attempt to further enhance my stories. My hope is that each of you will continue to grow concurrently with this blog.

Each and every reader is important, therefore I want to hear from you as well! Although the criticisms from my peers at Cal Poly were incredibly helpful and enlightening, I hope that any of you readers with feedback will let me know. As I have stated previously, this blog is a constant work in progress, therefore feedback is necessary to aid in its growth and success.

As this blog grows, I am hopeful that these upcoming changes will ultimately delight the readers of SLO Skinny.

“In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport. You must also be prepared to work hard and be willing to accept constructive criticism. Without one-hundred percent dedication, you won’t be able to do this.” – Willie Mays


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