Are we there yet?

Last week I brought readers on of my favorite hikes in San Diego, Torrey Pines. This week I thought I would share my second favorite hike.

As I stated in the previous blog post “SLOcal?” Torrey Pines is for the more intermediate hiker. The hike I want to share this week is for the more experienced hiker. Mt. Woodson is located in Ramona, Ca, a north county suburb in San Diego’s inland area.

Ramona, which is closely linked to Poway, is well known for its country living, horses, rolling inland hills and mountains. The hike is more intimidating due to its considerably steep incline. A hiker could get to the top of Mt. Woodson in around an hour, allowing for few stops and a steady pace.

The top of Mt. Woodson boasts views grander than the view from Torrey Pines. The hike shows the quintessential San Diego county. 360 degree views allow the hiker to experience all of what San Diego has to offer. The immaculate coastline’s visibility along with mountain views shows the diversity of the county and the amount that it has to offer.

After arriving at the top summit of Mt. Woodson, I would encourage any hiker to explore around. The various rock formations allow a hiker to get views from different points on top of the mount. I would however caution anyone to be careful, since the rocks are sometimes tedious to get to.

Moreover, the Mt. Woodson residential neighborhood boasts a castle and a golf course. The hike itself lends it to people wanting to feel like they escaped, but knowing that there are such things as a golf course around. For any hiker attempting this hike, bring plenty of water and a protein bar because there is nothing once a hiker begins the hike.

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”-Michael Jordan 


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