Are school lunches becoming too lean?

It seems as a whole Americans are pushing to be more health conscious. Recent years have shown the negative impact an unhealthy diet can cause on the life and welfare of those who have participated in bad eating habits early in life.

The topic of health and healthy eating itself can be controversial among different groups of people; one such group would be students. As college students we get the luxury of being able to choose what we eat- hamburger or salad, cake or strawberries. Although the choices sometimes frustrate college students, the other option would be to have no say at all in what meals are consumed.

In a recent CBS News article by Michelle Castillo, students are outraged at having to ingest low calorie lunches that they find to be less fulfilling than their traditional high calorie lunches. Students have began sneaking in high-calorie foods to help suffice their yearning stomachs while at school.

Although the article is speaking primarily about grades K-12, the topic itself isn’t lost on a specific age group an therefore is relevant to anyone. As a society, we set the social standards for what is to be expected. Social norms of unhealthy eating habits and high-calorie lunches need to be changed in order to save the youth from expensive and time-consuming medical complications later in life due to their choices in their youth. Although exceptions should be made in specific circumstances, the idea itself is sound.

As young adults, we have a say in how we want our generation to grow up, therefore it is our responsibility to shape the social norm towards a healthier future.


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