What’s your flavor of the week?

 Between homework, studying, and sleeping somewhere in-between the two, it can be easy to slack off on a exercise routine. A good way to stay motivated is to try new workouts. By switching up your “flavor” of exercise on a regular basis, you will not only keep motivated, you will also see physical benefits.

According to Cedric Bryant from the American Council of Exercise, ” If you do not modify your exercise routine, you reach a plateau because your body has adapted to the repetitive training stimulus.”

The benefits for switching your exercise routine are extensive and not only keep you motivated, but also keep you on track to see the results you want. The on campus Recreation Center at Cal Poly offers a plethora of classes which gives almost anyone the opportunity to find a class they will enjoy. Yogalates is a fusion between traditional Yoga and Pilates. The class is offered at the Recreation Center a few days a week at varying times. After a long week of classes and sleepless nights, Tiffany Robbins, a junior at Cal Poly decided to try the yogalates class offered on Friday mornings.

“Yogalates was an absolutely amazing experience. I was always curious to try it and when I did I fell in love. Its a refreshing way to get in shape and obtain flexibility. I would recommend Yogalates to anyone and everyone,” Robbins.

According to Jeanie Lerche Davis of WebMD, “Yoga is an eastern Indian tradition that focuses on strength, flexibility, and spirituality. Pilates was created by German-born Joseph Pilates nearly a century ago. Pilates focuses on building strength in the deep muscles of the abdominal region, the body’s core,” Davis.

The opportunities are endless once you allow yourself the opportunity to experiment with different workouts. Another class offered at Cal Poly’s Recreation Center is a class called “6 Pack Abs.” Student Ashley Rolon, a junior majoring in Psychology tried out the class this week.

“Six pack abs is a great class because it’s short and it touches upon various exercises that work your core out that I would never know how to do. Now thanks to learning these exercises, I can do them in my room as well if I don’t have time to go to the gym,” Rolon.

The wide variety of classes offered at the Recreation Center allow for people to focus on specific areas such as their abdomen, or a more cardio based class. Overall, it’s important to not limit your exercises to what your most comfortable with because you could be passing up the opportunity to get more out of your workout and use muscles you would have never known about. Therefore get out there and experiment with different classes, try to see if one clicks with you! Don’t stick with your same old “vanilla” exercise, splurge by trying something new this week!

“Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor, upon which one walks as a matter of course and prescriptive right.”- Aldous Huxley 



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