What is “SLO Skinny” about?

 As the writer of this emerging blog, I feel obliged to let you know a little more about who I am. My name is Alexis, I am a junior currently attending California State Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo. I am in the process of finishing my Bachelor’s Degree for Journalism with a  concentration in broadcast and a minor in Law and Society.

Originally from San Diego, the central coast and college life has been quite an adjustment. “SLO Skinny” is aspiring to reach college students in an attempt to highlight how to have fun while away at school, without overindulging in the wonders that college can unearth.

This blog will be a lifestyle blog featuring fun workouts, healthy recipes and tips on what to eat and do when you want to splurge. Overall, my attempt is to reach out to all you college students with “SLO Skinny” by posting about things pertinent to your everyday lives.

“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.”- Benjamin Franklin

As a fellow blog reader, I have found many blogs over the years that have inspired this blog itself in one way or another. Some of these blogs many be of some use or liking to the readers of “SLO Skinny,” so here are some of my favorite lifestyle blogs. 

Stay Healthy Fitness is a blog that shows viewers healthy recipes as well as motivational quotes to aid in keeping the reader involved. I am hoping to attain motivation through this blog with quotes and inspiring pictures that will allow college students to know that what they are striving for is attainable.


How to Stay Healthy on Holiday is a great blog that highlights how to stay healthy when there are temptations. As a college student, the temptations to eat poorly and consume more calories is always an easy trap. How to Stay Healthy on Holiday essentially tries to point viewers in the right direction with regards to eating the healthiest in an unhealthy situation. This is one of my objectives for ” SLO Skinny” as well.


Some people are more visual, therefore the Get Fit Stay Fit tumblr is ideal. The tumblr has before and after pictures which highlight what the hard work will amount to with regards to eating healthy and regularly working out. In a world of temptation it is easy to be waylaid, therefore I hope that my blog will be able to inspire people to stay on track as this tumblr does to some people.


“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney 


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